Building a new pc

March 2021

I was originally planning on doing the Trans-Siberian and Trans-Mongolian express this winter, but due to the ongoing pandemic that plan fell through. To console myself I decided to redirect the money planned for this into a new pc build. This will be the first time actually building one myself from scratch.

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September 2020

A little side project I’m working on is building a simple, cohesive start page to use as starting point for the internet, with a built-in news-feed. One of the reasons is that I still want to break free from the corporate algorithms deciding what I see online and thus influence how and what I’ll discover and visit.

It’s not that big of an idea and there’s a small scene online of people designing these, inspiring me to do the same. It will involve mainly some webdesign in HTML and CSS, which I understand a little by now, and probably some JavaScript, which I don’t know at all.

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Digital Alternatives

July 2020

This blogpost is a list about my search for digital alternatives that are more open, more respectful and more private than the ones I and a lot of other people have been using until now, often for free. It’s an attempt to claim back ownership of my virtual self.

Why did I do this? These last few years I’ve started to shift away from trusting the big data corporations such as Google and Facebook. I’m suspicious about the free services these companies offer us. Not only are they invasive of our privacy, they also profit of the enormous amount of data that we generate for them. This way these companies have a huge impact on our consumption, on our ideas, on our relations, on our society and democracy. They are also not held accountable for anything and sooner or later the repercussions will catch up with us - if they haven’t already.

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The Code Revisited

June 2020

I’ve built this website almost a year ago during the summer days. This year, the summer arrived two months earlier than it is supposed to and this takes me back mentally to those days. Maybe that’s why I’ve been looking into the behind-the-screens mess that is this blog. First lesson learned: letting things lie for long times will make it more difficult to pick things up where you left them. Who would’ve thought?

There are still some things I want to fix and implement on this website, while also keeping it simple and light. I’ll try and explain what and how in this post. Mind you: I’m absolutely no web developer or anything remotely like that.

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Solving the Code

September 2019

Since I’m a complete and utter novice at all… this, there were quite a few difficulties in getting this blog up and running. In this post I’m trying to describe how (and why) I built the site this way, talk about some of the obstacles I encountered and how I solved them.

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Building a Website

September 2019

It started out as an idea to have my own place on the internet, where I have full control.

My goal: a clean, light website that functions as both a photo portfolio and a personal blog. Without a host of trackers, but fully usable. Building it myself would be an added bonus.

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Website concept

July 2019

The blog should be my own representation on the web, seperate from the corporate interpretations of identity in the form of a profile-page. I want to have full-control, even if that means it’s more difficult to show things like I want them.

It’s where I want to share my main creations: photo’s and written thoughts, free from puritan censorship as practices by most tech-companies. I decide for myself.

Ideally, these are presented cleanly, simple and uniform. Inspiration for this is the modernist movement of the twenties in Western Europe (think Tschichold and Bauhaus). Clear background, readable text, the right amount of information. Not overly baroque, no unnecessary embellishments, all decoration in function of readability.

Most importantly, I want to built it myself.