• Revolutions: great in-depth podcasts about some of the great revolutions of the modern age: the French Revolution, the Springtime of Nations of 1848, the Paris Commune and the Russian Revolution(s).
  • Anti-Capitalist Chronicles: a podcast that looks at capitalism through a Marxist lens, with professor David Harvey.
  • The Iron Dice: history podcast about the struggles of the Weimar Republic.
  • Tech Won’t Save Us: leftist podcast that looks at technology with a critical eye.
  • Blowback: leftist podcast focussing on the history of certain episodes of American imperialism.

Video essays

  • Philosophy Tube: Abigail Thorn makes engaging video essays on philosophy and politics.
  • ContraPoints: Nathalie Wynn makes dramatic video essays on politics and queerness.
  • Three Arrows: Dan Arrows makes videos about history and analyses right-wing rhetoric.
  • Unlearning Economics: left-wing economist tackling different subjects in a nuanced way.
  • hbomberguy: guy that makes three hour videos on video games, but also some nice analyses of right-wing phenomena.
  • Folding Ideas: Dan Olson makes videos on technology, narrative and social criticism.
  • Technology connections: videos on all kinds of ordinary devices, showing the fascinating way they function.
  • Climate Town: dissecting anti-climate policies (mainly from the US though).

Visual arts



  • AlternativeTo: great website to find alternatives to software and sites, with the option to filter for free and open-source versions.
  • ProtonDB: unofficial database to check how well you can expect games to run under Proton on Linux, with lots of tips to get a game working.