Picture of me

I’m Arno, a 33-years old civil-servant, philosopher, activist and generalist geek.

I live in Ghent, Belgium, where I was born. I grew up outside of town but returned here to study philosophy at the university and stayed here. I love this city with it’s exciting blend of history, culture and social life. On my days off, chances are you find me somehwere in a coffee bar writing, reading or debating friends, or walking around town with my camera. During working hours I’m a civil servant for the Belgian federal administration.

During my university studies I specialized in ethics, political philosophy, critical philosophy and social commentary. I wrote my masters dissertation (in Dutch, 549 kB PDF) on universal basic income and libertarianism; a subject about which I’m still very passionate. After my studies I became interested in marxist socialism, delved into modern history and became politically active.

I have a broad range of interests that I like to explore. That’s what this blog is for, both a personal project and the means to share these interests with the world. I am a bibliophile, collector of art and curiosities and father to two adorable cats: Rops and Alma.