Why I am a member of a Communist Party

August 2022

In this post I won’t be explaining why I think communism is right, or expound on in-depth theory about historical necessity or what have you. Here I’m just going to explain what my personal reasons are for joining and participating in my local party - being the Workers' Party of Belgium or the PVDA-PTB (Partij van de Arbeid van België - Parti du Travail de Belgique).

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October 2020

The coming year I want to give a monthly donation1 to projects, creators2 and organizations that I think are worthwhile, changing the recipient every month. I do this because supporting multiple projects continuously is difficult. The costs quickly adds up so that it’s difficult to give support to the wide range of the deserving.

And since I’m a dork who’s enamoured with the French Revolution, I’m using the French Republican calendar for this. This has the added benefit that it starts in September, thus the end of the month coincides more or less with the beginning of this experiment.

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Beyond privilege self-awareness

August 2020

There is a presupposition that, as a white cishet male (all the words!) trying to acknowledge his privileges, I must be utterly miserable and emasculated by the experience. Full of self-hate and constantly apolizing; digging myself deeper, groveling before the relevant opressed demographic. Castigating myself and my ‘fellow people’ before the altar of the false god of political correctness.1 This is simply not true in my experience, which I’ll try to explain here.

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Choosing to be Childfree

October 2019

Since I’m getting sterilized soon, I thought I’d write about my “childfree wish” and my vision on the ethics and philosophical justifications of (not) having children.

It’s something I’ve been thinking a lot about ever since I first conceived of the possibility of me having kids. As a sixteen-year-old I didn’t want them,which was considered a normal thing for a teenage boy to say; I got told I’d grow out of it (I didn’t). At 20, I had a more strong conviction and had started formulating a host of reasons, some more pessimistic than the others; I got told I’d change my mind when I met someone (I didn’t). At 24 I’d lost my first relationship, partly because of my stance on children. In those days, I said I didn’t want children of my own but I was open to adoption. I made a distinction between the creating of another life, and the raising and educating of one (I still do); I got told I’d change my mind when other people around me would start having them (I didn’t). I’m 29 now, I still haven’t changed my mind. Maybe it’s time to accept it, both others as myself. That’s why I decided to take the permanent step.

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